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The finished product shoe checkout is standard

1,          The retinue foot size bid is identical;
2,          Actual shoes size (length) is identical , the size putting a negative underneath , being hit by face to face is same as. 
1,         The finished product shoe there is not strong point being over 2 mms , being over 1.5 mms , only sticky chip area very much;
2,          Big bottoms and group of face adhesion then soft and floury are solid , there are no a rift , there are no a gap 
3,          Above pulling force testing 2.5 kilograms of/ each square cm.
1,         The finished product protects an eye before the shoe helps the outside in the shoe head ,showing be damaged or not face to face; 
2,         Be hit by the damage helping inner side to wait , being not to show face , to be able to not have area to exceed 2 square millimeters; 
3,         Hou Li collarband , the tongue of a shoe can not have damage; 
4,         Needle vehicle can not have vehicle to break a place , the tongue of a shoe bid can not have damage; 
5,         Big bottom damage lacks for material , often exceeds 1 mm, width 1.5 mms blocks of wood are qualified; 
6,         Shoelace damage is unqualified. 
1,         he tongue of a shoe fixation must solid , must not have abscission; 
2,          Knit as well as fixing must solid , must not have abscission; 
3,          The droplet moulds , the brand , the letter have not to abscission; 
4,          Ardent , can't be solid to have abscission;
5,          Scale stacks , has revolution of seal or cloth to come off not to 
6,          The component vehicle line can't be solid having abscission; 
7,          The metal button breaks to become deformed , loosens , is unqualified to there be no the bottom buckling, away lacquer; 
8,          The droplet moulds a button firm , exchanging to be unqualified to break up by pulling,; 
9,          Big bottoms are unqualified to be labeled with the jail linking a block of wood; 
10,     The sole combination block of wood jail is unqualified to take off a tier.
Chromatic aberration:
1,         The single gang of god of the earth faces name location, symmetrical location of entire pair of shoes retinue foot , unable coloured difference; 
2,          Big bottoms control unable a bit big unable coloured foot bases wall coloured difference , bottom flower but recipient , slight chromatic aberration; 
3,          Parts, such as the brand, weaves belt , the droplet moulds , gives an electric shock grave chromatic aberration appear on rust , high frequency , revenue stamp inadmissibility.
Lathe a line 
1,         Any component , needle vehicle vehicle are unqualified to break , are unqualified to there be no a base line 
2,          The needle is unqualified to lathe away a needle 
3,          Pair of needleworks work a telephone switchboard , are unqualified to highly value the needle , string line , grave block of wood of space equal , no fluent 
4,          The common fault is relaxed , the line is unqualified to float out by force location , the critical piece base line,
5,          Edge distance, is unqualified to do acupuncture in from when the circuit does not affect outward appearance fluent , grave gravely unevenly , 
6,          Vehicle line retinue foot colour is incorrect , the single needle , pair of needleworks are unqualified not to suit.
Height and low
1,         The shoe head does not exceed 1.5 mms at any rate , heelpiece does not exceed 2 mms at any rate , the middle middle is unqualified to exceed 3 mms
2,          The shoe readjusts oneself to a certain extent greatly low indignantly on the flat surface , the shoe controls, warped degree of swing is unqualified to exceed 2 mms 
  Grow and lack
1,         Be unqualified to help the length to be over 2 mms in front 
2,          The tongue of a shoe is unqualified to leak out length error exceeding 3 mms
3,          Big bottoms are unqualified to be over 3 mms often 
4,          Shoelace both ends is unqualified to be over 2 cms often
Take a rest and rectify 
1,         Shoe head inclination is unqualified to be over 1.5 mms 
2,          Heelpiece inclination is unqualified to be over 2 mms
3,          The shoe mouth magic buckles belt , 3 skew mms are unqualified .
Big , small
1,         The shoe helps (inner head) size to be over 2 mms often in front of , width is unqualified to be over 2 mms 
2,          Be unqualified to control corresponding obvious foot location size,
3,          After the queen draws the foam rubber or plastic parcel, be unqualified to spread the external dew , obvious size in collarband,
十一 Corrugate 
1,         Within the shoe body, the head component corrugates being unqualified to affect outward appearance, 
2,          sticks the bottom greatly low , the edge wall corrugates being unqualified to affect outward appearance near the roll,;
3,          the top of a shoe and big bottoms proceed to be unqualified to get along sending out an angle , corrugate;
4,          is unqualified to corrugate inside. 
十二 Pinhole
1,         helps the outside to protect an eye within outdoors, in, can not have a pinhole; Reach inner side heelpiece
2,           no obvious place allows one place to have a pinhole , each place does not exceed two holes. 
十三 Material 
1,         Material is different , unqualified with pair of shoes , corresponding location
2,          Be unqualified colour to be unlike corresponding location material 
3,          Be unqualified colour and lustre , thickness , decorative pattern , fine hair , decoration are unlike material , 
4,          Material is unqualified to cut never equal to, 
5,          Material cracks to crack face to face, group, coating is unqualified to come off , to fade , become angry,

not have.